© photo by Hilleen Peters


Ton Pret is an artist with a very personal style, which is characterized by very bold colors, imaginative characters and an explosion of enthusiasm, passion and positivity. Big names in the Dutch and international art world, recognize a link with the COBRA style of the last century, but 60 years later. This style of Ton is best described as "colorful realism of a different reality, with a strong positive effect." With his work Ton wants to bring out the best of humans, by taking them to another reality, positivity is everywhere.

Among his clients are several well-known collectors, business leaders, celebrities but also people like you and me, who appreciate the spontaneous style of Ton. One of them has even completely paint his Ferrari as a work of art. Ton also has several furniture designed. Some very well-known Italian designers now work with him. Other art commissions include a designer bath for a design company and a Fender Stratocaster in Art Edition. This Fender Stratocaster is in collaboration with the renowned French guitarist Jean-Pierre Danel, Brian May (Queen), Hank Marvin (The Shadows), Steve Lukather (Toto) and French superstar Jean-Jacques Goldman. Also art editions of the famous Philippe Starck chairs, an Art Edition of Italian design bike Duedipicche brand and recently very special eyeglasses and sunglasses for the US company Eyewear Design Alliance, which go global later this year. And there's a lot more to come ......